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    Shimasu (mimic)

    Roiyaru Kuchiki
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    Shimasu (mimic)

    Post by Roiyaru Kuchiki on Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:14 am

    Name: Shimasu (mimic)

    Sealed State Apperence:

    Resurrección: "mane shimasu"//"Copy and mimic!"

    Zanpakuto Special Abbility: To perfectly copy not only a person but there powers, there limits, even there Zanpakuto.


    Copy: After releasing his Zampakuto Utsushimasu will be able to perfectly copy the physical apperence, spiritual pressure, abilities, limits, even there zanpakuto.

    True form only abbilities:
    Javelin Generation: He is shown to have the ability to generate elongated energy javelins.[89] He uses them as ranged weapons throwing them at an opponent and as a melee weapon.
    Enhanced Speed: His speed is greatly enhanced to the point that Ichigo's hollow mask-enhanced Bankai has difficulty keeping up.[90]
    Enhanced Hierro: His Hierro has also vastly increased in strength to the point where a Getsuga Tenshō with Ichigo's mask activated has no effect at all.[91]
    Enhanced Spiritual Power: Though already possessing immense spiritual power once released his spiritual energy permeates the area, it is intense enough to create a heavy affect on others as well as to cause what appears a black rain to fall in the surrounding area when he releases.

    Second Resurrección: "Resurrection Second Stage!"

    Second State Abilities: He just like his father has unlocked a second Resurection state. He looks just like his father did when he entered his second state.

    Overwhelming Spiritual Power: Ulquiorra's already vast spiritual power is significantly increased furthermore upon entering his second stage. Even being within the vicinity of his release instils despair on those who can sense it. Uryū Ishida, a Quincy who is an expert at sensing reiatsu, noted that the density of Ulquiorra's spiritual power was so vast that it could hardly be identified as reiatsu. "It's like no spiritual energy I've ever felt before...It's not just bigger or stronger. It's too dense and heavy to even be called spiritual energy. It feels like there's an ocean above the sky..."[98]

    Lanza del Relámpago (雷霆の槍 (ランサ・デル・レランパーゴ), ransa deru reranpāgo; Spanish for "Lance of the Lightning", Japanese for "Lance of Thunder and Lightning"): Ulquiorra creates a javelin-like weapon using his spiritual power, which he can use as a projectile or as a physical weapon. When thrown, it produces an incredibly-destructive explosion on impact, which dwarfs the fortress of Las Noches in height. Ulquiorra prefers to not use the attack at close range, most likely because the resulting blast would damage himself as well as Las Noches. While he can use these spears in rapid succession, he has difficulty controlling their trajectory. Ulquiorra is also able to use this attack as a blade, which disintegrates material upon impact; as seen when he struck away his own amputated arm that Hollow Ichigo had just thrown at him.[99] The spear can also be quite effective at cutting, as seen when he used it to sever one of Hollow Ichigo's horns to prevent him from using a Cero on Uryū.[100]

    people he can copy - zanpakuto/special ability:
    Roiyaru Kuchiki - Somei Yoshino
    Soifon - Suzumebachi
    Byakuya Kuchiki - Senbonzakura
    Tōshirō Hitsugaya - Hyōrinmaru

    • As well as Utsushimasu's weakness he will also gain both the limits and weakness of the person he is 'mimicing'
    • When taking the form of a Shingami he can use none of his Hollow/Espada powers.

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