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    Shiomi Ishii

    Post by Shiomi Ishii on Mon May 02, 2011 4:54 pm

    Personal Info

    Name: Shiomi Ishii

    Gender: Female

    Appearence: She has long black hair that comes to the small of her back that she wears up in a ponytail with her bangs sweeping down to the left side of her face, her eyes are pistacio green and her complextion in pale. Her Hollow mask fragment sits beside her left eye, and curls down her cheek. (Isn't visible through her bangs.) She is not the tallest, her height is 5'5, and she is really skinny but has a nice curvy figure. She wears white hamaka pants with a black tube top like shirt, and has the standard black sash.

    Personality: Shiomi is a very loyal girl, she was always that way. She is however short tempered and easily annoyed. She friendly, but still a loner and preferrs her time to be spent alone in her room. Shiomi is still not accpeting the fact the everyone she knew is dead.

    Shiomi was the only fraccion of Ulquiorra. She had always been in love with him, and when Szayle Aporro Granz died she replaced him as espada number eight. In time Ulquiorra grew an effectio for her and they became lovers. She fought by his side until the battle between him and Ichigo, upon hearing news of his death from where she was fighting in the world of the living, she broke down into an uncontrolable depression. As everyone slowly got picked off, she surrendered and headed back to Heico Mundo, to see who else had survived.

    Professional Status

    Race: Espada

    Rank: 8

    Base of Operations: Las Noches, Heico Mundo

    Zanpakuto Name: Akumu (Meaning: Nightmare)

    Link to accepted Zanpakuto: waiting for approval

    Appearence in Resurrección: Her hair grows longer so it reaches the ground and black designs etch across her skin which has become paper white. She grows black wings that look disfigured and torn, and her eyes become the color of blood.

    Other Information

    Weaknesses: In released form her movements become draining on her body, and she can only last an hour or so.
    She also has a very hard time dealing with her memories of Ulquiorra, she gets lost in her memories when she sees things that remind her of him.
    Shiomi since she is so hot headed, she gets reckless when she is fighting a hefty opponent.

    Other: Shiomi dislikes Grimmjow.

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