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    Vincent Stark

    Vincent Stark

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    Vincent Stark

    Post by Vincent Stark on Tue Apr 20, 2010 1:29 pm

    Personal Info
    Name: Vincent Stark

    Gender: Male

    Appearence: Vincent wears a normal espada uniform except that the top opens at his waist he has red eyes and shoulder length messy spiked black hair the remains of his hollow mask is a small crown in his hair and his hollow hole is in the middle of his chest covered by his shirt his zanpakuto is hidden in the back of his shirt

    Personality: Vincent is a very calm and collected espada who is not the type to get very emotional except if those dear to him are harmed he is also a kind person unlike most espada he defends those that are to weak to protect themselves he is also very easy going though while in battle he can be very cunning perceptive being able to spot and expoilt enemy weaknesses

    History: Vincent was originally a gillian class menos grande but became an arrancar for want to protect his friends so he when he evolved he became extremely powerful becomeing the 3rd espada and ruleing over the forest of menos 

    Professional Status
    Race: Espada

    Rank: 3rd Espada

    Base of Operations: Forest of menos

    Zanpakuto Name: Rey León Bestia

    Link to accepted Zanpakuto:

    Appearence in Resurrección: in his resurrección vincent gains a more primal and feline apperance with slim black segmented armor, claws for hands, and paws for feet the peice of his hollow mask becomes a full crown and his teeth become fangs. He also gains cero guns like his ancestor coyote stark   

    Other Information
    Weaknesses: impulsive when protecting friends, very lazy, naive  

    exceptional sonido even by espada standards 
    above average hierro
    master hand-to-hand combatant 
    master swordsmanship specialist
    high speed regeneration 

    Cero: fires a golden ceros from palms able to fire a cero from both palms

    Gran Rey Cero: fires an enhanced golden cero by cutting his hand fusing his blood with the cero increaseing its destructive power and range

    Bala: fires a blue blast of condenced spiritual presure from hands

    Bala Punch: Vincent condences spiritual pressure around his hand as he attacks with and expolsive punch using the bala to increase damage

    Bala Kick: Vincent condences spiritual pressure around his leg as he attacks with and expolsive kick using the bala to increase damage

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    Roiyaru Kuchiki
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    Re: Vincent Stark

    Post by Roiyaru Kuchiki on Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:26 pm


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