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    Cero Fang Zenpakuto

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    Cero Fang Zenpakuto

    Post by Nagacero Jaggerjack on Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:39 pm

    Name: Cero Fang

    Sealed State Appearance: Click picture for bigger view of the Katana.

    Resurrección: "Resurrección...Wolftero""Resurrection...Wolf King"

    Zanpakuto Special Abbility:

    Enhanced Speed & Agility: Complimenting his already impressive speed and power, Naga's released state augments his speed drastically, giving him animalistic agility and movement to match, like a wolf, allowing him to keep up with any enemy.

    Enhanced Strength: His strikes pack enough power to incidentally destroy large skyscraper-sized pillars or buildings.His enhanced Strength is enough to send his enemy through several buildings with one possible strike, as well as send them flying hundreds of feet with, merely with a few light punches and kicks.

    Enhanced Spiritual Power: While in his released state, his spiritual power increases significantly.

    Demancing Roar: When in his released form, he can roar loudly enough to create shockwaves in the air and surrounding area, powerful enough to throw off his opponents, stopping them in mid attack or blocking an attack.

    Cero Rain: Naga can also fire a Cero rain into the air where they rain down upon the area and both opponent and Naga. Naga useing his motion blur to running towards the opponent while dodging the his own attack.

    Wolftera Desgarrón Activation: Similar to grimmjows strongest attack; Naga's hangs, feet and claws glow and then he makes a slashing motion. This glow is from pure Cero energy that is left within Naga's body. The attacks act as a close ranged claw attack, which he covers his regular claw, by using slashing motions. Example when naga slashes the aura claw, Naga will grab you, paralyzing you with the Ceros negative energy. He will then focus the Cero energy into an orb with the same hand to explode into the area that he grabbed. Naga can lift his leg and use the aura at his feet to produce a Cero Barrier and kick it towards the enemy as an offensive as well. If the opponent gets hit with the Cero enhanced claw he will take damage as if it was a regular claw attack.

    Lanzador Verde: Naga's tail detaches its self and is shot at her opponent with extreme speed. As it travels through the air, it begins to spin and build up spiritual energy. When it reaches its target, it acts as a drill inflicting extreme piercing damage. (This technique was used by his mother and it was powerful enough to push back Nnoitra as well as break his Zanpakutō that he was using to block the attack.)

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