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    The Rules~

    Kimiko Kuchiki

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    The Rules~

    Post by Kimiko Kuchiki on Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:57 pm

    Listen up, cause here are the rules:

    Brought to you by Kimiko Kuchiki~

    Rules and Regulations:

    1. No profanity or anything of the sort. Please do watch what you say.

    2. No god-modding. That is annoying as hell, and there is no reason to do it. Please let's be fair to the other users.

    3. No drama. If you are having a dispute with someone on the site, get a way to contact them through AIM, Yahoo, MSN, or PM's. But take it someplace else other than the chatbox.

    4. Please do not fight with an admin or a mod about somoething. Respect your superiors. If they tell you to do something, please do it.

    5. Other than that just have fun. ^-^

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