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    Roiyaru Kuchiki; shingami

    Roiyaru Kuchiki
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    Roiyaru Kuchiki; shingami

    Post by Roiyaru Kuchiki on Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:10 am

    Personal Info
    Name: Roiyaru Kuchiki

    Age: 150; 15

    Gender: male

    Appearence: Roiyaru looks exactly like his father did when he was a kid

    Personality: Roiyaru is a kind, caring person who will do anything for thoes he loves.

    Not much is known about Roiyaru's past. He grew up with his father, after his mother passed away. He was kept as a secret and for almost one hundred years no one even knew he existed. As time went by he trained year after year wit his father, and even gained a Zanpakuto much like him.

    After about one hundred years of living in secret Roiyaru grew bored and forced his father to let him join his squad. As time went by he slowly ranked up in the division and has recently taken the rank of "10th seat."

    On a recent mission he was sent on with a few of his fellow division members to the world of the living. Where they incountered a group of three Espada; number four, five, and seven. Do to him being the strongest they sent on the mission since it was only saposed to be a simple 'check over the world of the living', they only managed to kill two of the three espada. Roiyaru was the last to die, just before Espada number four was about to kill him, the espada grined and said, "Thank you my have given me what i need...a ticit to the Spirit world. And with that the espada's body slowly began to fade before it solidified in an exact copy of himself, he was then killed by his own Shikai. Espada number four now wonders the Soul society pretending to be Roiyaru Kuchiki

    Professional Status
    Race: Shingami

    Rank: 10th seat

    Base of Operations: Sixth Division

    Powers & Abilities
    Master Swordsmanship Specialist
    Flash Step Master
    Hand-to-Hand Combatant
    Immense Spiritual Power
    Zanpakuto Name: Somei Yoshino

    Link to accepted Zanpakuto: Somei Yoshino

    Other Information
    Weakness: Fear of hights, afraid of death, weak body(can only take so many hits before going down)

    Streagths: high skill in flash step, high spirit preasure, high skill in hand-to-hand combat

    Others: Roiyaru is actually dead, the person pretending to be him is named Utsushimasu.

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