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    Trouble Starting Amongst the Barracks~

    Kimiko Kuchiki

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    Trouble Starting Amongst the Barracks~

    Post by Kimiko Kuchiki on Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:44 am

    I had begun training with my captain and now it was time for a little break. I walked outside and sat on the deck that was present. Panting slightly, I had overused the already determined stamina of my body and now I had to recover that much, the amount I had used. I sighed and began thinking to myself, resting my hand on my palm and my elbow leaning onto my crossed legs.

    [color-blue]"Well that was good. I'm getting stronger, I can feel it. Soon, I'll never be an amateur soul reaper again. I'll be strong like my mom and fearless and brave like my dad. And I won't have to rely on my wits to get me out of things, then I'll have the power to back myself up. That's always a good thing."[/color]

    Suddenly I blinked and realized: There was something in the distance. I didn't know what it was, but before I could stand up and go to check it out, it seemed to hop forward. The creature was very jelly-like and seemed to jiggle when it hopped or walked or whatever. Although it looked quite strange, it appeared harmless and so I smiled at it. I got up to go talk to it. Maybe it was a spirit world pet?

    "Why hello there, are you lost?" As I went to pet it, the cute little face it wore turned demonic and tried to bite my hand off. Luckily I retracted my hand in time so that it didn't catch it. I turned around to see if someone was watching and then I focused back to where the creature was, except with the turn of my head, it was gone.

    'That was weird.. I wonder what that thing was. It didn't look familiar..I'll worry about it later. Right now I have to get back to training..'

    Oh beautiful sword of ice that wield the crystals of air, release to my hand and strike thy enemy to pieces.Hana no Yuki!
    "If there is a way I'll find it, if there is a chance I'll take it. If there is a battle I'll win it, but I won't give up till the end. I have the blood of a soul reaper, a mixture of my father and mother, but a human heart. So long as I am living shall the innocence be safe in both worlds and that's a promise."

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