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    Untitled ~ Kimiko K. [W.I.P]

    Kimiko Kuchiki

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    Untitled ~ Kimiko K. [W.I.P]

    Post by Kimiko Kuchiki on Fri May 07, 2010 9:23 pm

    What would happen if Ichigo never existed but one named Hitomi? New characters, new scenes and a new adventure. =]

    Chapter 1: A strange girl.

    Hi, my name is Hitomi. My name means, "pupil" of the eyes. I don't know why I was named this, of course, it might be a suitable name for me. See, I see spirits and I've been able to see them for as long as I can remember. That's why that might be a suitable name for me. I'm 14 years old and, I have brown hair that's cut short and styled that way that... you'll just have to see. I stand at 5'2''. My eye color? It's neon blue, a very rare color. Everyone gives me compliments on them. Anyway, I'm a tough kid but sensitive as well. I have compassion and sympathy for others as well as a kind heart.I try to help out the best I can, however, if it's something I cannot prevent, then I simply won't mingle in that affair. I have a mother and no siblings. I'm an only child, yup. Yea, it's just my mother and I. I think myself to be a normal kid, but then again a not so normal one too.

    "Hey Hitomi. Welcome home, kiddo! How was school?"

    "It was fine, thanks mom. Hey, what's for dinner?" I spoke very indifferently.

    "Oh well, that you'll find out, my dear. It's my homemade special meal. I know you'll like it. It should be ready in about almost an hour."

    "Alright, I'm going to my room." As I walked away from my abnormally cheerful mother, I reached my room. My sanctuary, where I slept and dreamed. Sometimes ate. This was my place where nothing would or could bother my thoughts. They just ran free in here, flew around as if a bird. I sighed and continued thinking to myself, somewhat reviewing the day I had. Something didn't grab me just right though, something was off. And I sensed it. What could it be? A spirit? I instantly got up and looked around my room. Blinking my innocent eyes, I tried to track the soul I thought I sensed, however there was no spirit or anything in my room; I wonder what it was that I had sensed. . .

    Suddenly, outside, I heard a shriek of terror and fright from what sounded like a little girl. Worse, the following sound I heard was, a howling, strange and eerie that could only be made by something evil. I, without a second thought or doubt, got my shoes on and readied myself for the outside turbulence of what was yet to come. I wondered what I'd have to face. I started on a dash from my window, closing my eyes for concentration now. I turned onto a street where there was a car and its bright headlights. As it almost hit me, I seemed to jump over it's hood as it stopped and continue on my rescue. The people in that car probably think me crazy but I don't care.

    I continued on my mission to find this endangered spirit and the evil thing attacking her. When and if I found it, I would beat it to a pulp, whatever it was. Suddenly I found the girl and pushed myself on a small dash towards her. (I had been running a long time.) The evil thing that was attacking her however. . . It was incredible. (Not in the good way.) It was something I've never seen before. Ugly, but that didn't account for explanation of what it was. All I could see was its face change to a confused expression, I suppose it wasn't expecting me to come.

    "HEY! You big ugly creature. Fight me one on one coward! Do it! And stop disrespecting and picking on poor little spirits! Got that?!" The vile creature seemed to howl loudly and I stood my ground determinedly. As soon as it started coming at me for an attack, a small figure dressed in a black tunic and wielding a sword appeared in front of me and jabbed the sharp end into its head. After the creature backed up from the pain searing through it right now, the small figure took the blade and slashed the being in two. The blood, was too much for me, so I looked away. Then, I walked over to the little girl and asked if she was alright. All she did was reply a simple before disappearing and thanking me. The girl in black however, who was she? What was she? I couldn't comprehend what she did either. She seemed to turn to me, then disappear. I only saw a side of her face as I smiled and looked up to the sky. The girl in black had left although I muttered this having faith she'd hear me.

    "Thank you..."

    I started on my way home, walking solemnly through the night. Sooner or later, I had found my room. I lay there in bed, thinking about what had just happened. That event was so unexplainable, why does it always happen to me? That was something to think about. My mom called me for dinner and I eloquently responded by going to eat. Of course this stuff wasn't professional cooking but it WAS good. It was something homemade, from my mother's heart, so naturally it was well deemed to be eaten. (Although she never told me what it was.) That's one way of getting me to eat things she knows I wouldn't like if she told me what it was.~ I finished and then went back into my room, laying in darkness upon my bed. The moonlight, it shone as the blinds to my window caught some of its wondrous gleam and refracted it into my room. I couldn't piece together what it was back there, though.

    All of a sudden, I see a butterfly, a black one, appear outside and fly past my window. Come to think of it, I saw that earlier when that thing was attacking that girl. After I had seen that butterfly.. the weird girl had shown.

    "Wait a minute..." I spoke in hushed tones. My eyes grew wide and more alert now as I turned my view back from the window to the darkness of my room. That girl, as predicted, came in through the walls somehow and landed on my desk. After looking around for a minute, not muttering a word, she seemed to jump down on the wooden floor to my room and look around again. I didn't know who or what she was, but I knew that she was invading the sanctuary and the private nature to my safe haven. That, I just couldn't allow.

    "Hey who are you?! And what do you think you're-" I was cut off.

    "Bakudo #1, Sei!" After she said that, my body seemed to lock in place and I couldn't move. I blinked in shock of my own body not responding to its commands. I was kneeling on the floor now, a very vulnerable position.

    "Hey why can't I-? My body can't move! What did you do to me, hm?" She turned, and it revealed to be the same girl as before, for sure. I remember the color and the look in her eyes, and they matched. The same essence of her soul, everything. However even with her look of coldness , she managed to blink in confusion.

    "You mean you can see me?"
    "Yes, I can see you. I saw you earlier today too, when you destroyed whatever that thing was."
    "Tell me mortal human, how are you able to see me? No ordinary human should be able to unless you're some kind of paranormal being disguised as a human."
    "No, I'm human, I don't know what you're talking about. I've been able to see spirits for as long as I have been living. When I was younger, I used to be freaked out by them all the time, I used to tremble in the sight of them. I thought they were haunting me, well, I turned out to be wrong. Naturally I was afraid of them because I didn't know what they were. I knew though, as time went on, what they were, actually communicating with them, defending them. They weren't haunting me, they were seeking protection and security and they sought me as the person who could give it to them. Now who and what are you?"
    "You really want to know? Then I'll tell you the truth."She took a brief pause, that is to say, for dramatic affect perhaps.

    "I am what you would call... a soul reaper. Soul reapers are best known as shinigami, but we tend not to look at ourselves in that way. Let us begin our lesson on spirits. There are two types in this world. There's the good kind you normally see, they are given the name 'whole spirits.' Meanwhile, the thing you saw earlier today is called a hollow. Hollows are evil spirits that pray on both the living world and the world of the dead to devour souls of people there. Again, both living and dead. Do you follow me so far?"

    "So let get this straight. You're a soul reaper or a death god, but you don't want to think of it like that. You hunt hollows and protect the whole spirits? Because they're innocent?"

    "Yes. You seem distraught. Should I have gone slower?"

    "No, you went at just the right pace. Just one more question, why are you here soul reaper?"

    "Are you really that dumb? Open your eyes kid, you have a gift. A gift to be able to see spirits and that alone is enough to see and intervene in the workings of the paranormal, fool. You can see and communicate with me can't you? Then that means you are able to communicate with virtually any spirit that comes to this world. I am from this organization called 'The Soul Society.' It's main purpose serves as a place where soul reapers are sent out on missions to the world of the living or that of the dead to complete their task. I was sent on this particular mission. However, I did not know I would run into someone who can see me."

    "Well surprise, surprise. However, what DID you do to me? That doesn't explain the reasoning for you breaking into my house either."

    "Well maybe this should clear things up. I came here because I sensed a high spiritual pressure around this area and I thought I could use this house as a sanctuary, a safe haven if you will. I hadn't a clue that this house was inhabited, so you cannot blame me for that. Anyway, I cast a high level akido on you, an incantation that only soul reapers are capable of. I knew you that you would eventually attack me, thinking I broke into your house, perhaps thinking I was a robber of some sort. That is why I restrained you. Struggling against it will do you no good. It's useless to try and break free of that. I may appear young to you but I have lived nearly ten of your lifetimes. And, I would kill you right now if it weren't against my orders, so you should be grateful."She seemed to slightly pout at the end of that sentence in a cold way. I never knew anyone that could be THIS cold.

    "Okay, so why are you still in this world? Didn't you already take care of that hollow?"

    "Yes, that one I rid of. However, it's not just a one time deal. As a soul reaper it is my duty to exercise hollows and protect that of innocence. That which I have done and that which I will continue to do. The reason I am still in this world, there is another hollow lying around somewhere out there. I would kill it if I could track it but, sadly, I'm unable to. It's as if this strong spiritual pressure I've been sensing is blocking it. Hollows go for the highest spiritual energy they can find and that is why when they come here, they tend to look for that first. Though the high spiritual presence I sense, I cannot locate either. My sensory have diminished in this world. This is strange."

    "Ah." I said rubbing my wrists and breaking free of that spell. I smirked and she had a look of shock on her face. "Much better. Now that I'm free, do you hear that howling outside?"

    "Yes, and a woman screaming."
    "Wait a minute, I know that scream, it's my mother!" She got up and seemed to run faster than the speed of light to the sight of danger. Meanwhile, I tried to follow along. As we reached outside all we saw was a giant monster-like being and my unconscious mother in its hands.

    Chapter 1- complete.

    Oh beautiful sword of ice that wield the crystals of air, release to my hand and strike thy enemy to pieces.Hana no Yuki!
    "If there is a way I'll find it, if there is a chance I'll take it. If there is a battle I'll win it, but I won't give up till the end. I have the blood of a soul reaper, a mixture of my father and mother, but a human heart. So long as I am living shall the innocence be safe in both worlds and that's a promise."

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