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    Kimiko Kuchiki ~A Crystal Among Troubled Waters~ [Complete]

    Kimiko Kuchiki

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    Kimiko Kuchiki ~A Crystal Among Troubled Waters~ [Complete]

    Post by Kimiko Kuchiki on Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:10 pm

    Personal Info
    Name: Kimiko Kuchiki.

    Age: 10(Human years) 20(Soul years.)

    Gender: Female.

    Appearence: I am a mixture of both my parents. Having auburn-ish color hair that is tied up and long. I am clad in a soul reaper uniform for school, which is a black cloak with a white shirt underneath it. And for the world of the living, I go to school. I wear a boys' uniform. The gray jack open, with a white shirt under it, and gray pants. My eyes however are violet like my mother's.

    Personality: I have much of my mother in me. As well as slight occurances of my father. I have that smart all-around attitude to me. Being careful and aware. I am kind and trusting, loyal and noble. Naive, to a certain extent. I can be very composed normally. But when engaged in battle, I lose my temper. I can get emotional in pressure events and sometimes be a little cynical during them. Impulsive sometimes as well, I do not think out everything if not in a calm state.

    History: Rukia and Ichigo, as best friends, fought off the hollows as soul reapers. They each had a uniqueness to them that was indescribable. Eventually from bonding and growing so close, a feeling of love happened to develop between them. It wasn't till a year later that each had confessed to the other. This, led to so many future things. As high schoolers they despised the other, acting more like brother and sister. And now as adults our of high school, they are free to do what they wish. One day, an act of love, was to be performed and proven. This gave way for a new birth, a new life. A new soul.

    Rukia named the child 'Kimiko'. Throughout the years Kimiko grew, not of course, knowing anything of the soul world. It was agreed between the parents that she would remain in the world of the living until she reached the age of which they felt she was naturally inclined to find her way to the spirit world. She turned 10, still at a young age, and stumbled upon the powers and unique settings of soul reapers and stuff of that nature. Obviously brighter than most, and more inquisitive as well, she sought out to find why she wasn't exactly normal. She had a gift.

    Rukia and Ichigo finally decided it was time. They told her of soul reapers and what she really was. A half-soul reaper, half-human. Though she did have human assets to her, she still had the powers of a soul reaper from both parents. They decided to go by her mother's last name because of her famous reputation in the spirit world. Her true full name is Kimiko Kuchiki-Kurosaki. She trains hard as both a student of the Academy in the world of the living and in the spirit world to become even better, smarter and stronger. Strengthening her abilities to their own extent.

    Professional Status
    Race: Human/Shingami.

    Rank: Student of Soul Academy, and Student of Academy (In world of living.)

    Base of Operations: Squad 13 of Soul Academy.

    Powers & Abilities

    Zanpakuto Name: Hana no Ketsukei-yuki.("Flower of Blood and Snow.")

    Link to accepted Zanpakuto:

    Other Information
    Weakness: Fear of blood, Impulsive, small figure.

    Strengths: Friends, Good at Spells and Swords, Smart/Clever.

    Others: None.

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    Nagacero Jaggerjack
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    Re: Kimiko Kuchiki ~A Crystal Among Troubled Waters~ [Complete]

    Post by Nagacero Jaggerjack on Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:15 am

    Accepted =]

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